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happy weekend

Hello my friends!
I'm so glad it's weekend, finally! Work was good until yesterday. It seemed our boss had eaten the devil... but we survived.
An now let's start into this great day.
Cleaning done. Laundry done. Cats combed and fed. Hubby at work.

Me - listening to a little music and trying to write a little Saturday something ...

Title: January
Pairing: Zeke/Casey
Rating: PG

The week was hard, too much trouble, too much noise, too many people around.
… I worked at home when the boy arrived suggesting a walk to ‘get my head free’  he said.
At first I couldn’t bring myself to stand up, get dressed let alone go out …

It was dark. It was cold. The winds were howling. It was raining. It seemed all had conspired against me...

Comfortably bundled up in thick woollen coat, with a  shawl looped around his neck three times, cap pulled deep down his forehead there was nothing more to see than his big blue eyes.
But no gloves. The boy couldn’t stand gloves.

Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a walk.

We walked slow, with no real purpose, no words were spoken.
It’ was just a brush of fingertips… giving him a sidelong glance  he smiled to himself for no reason.
The sudden feeling of the small warm hand in mine surprised me, comforted me in a kind of way I didn’t know.
With the moon at his back he was nothing more than a glistening silhouette …
He smiled, suggled up to my chest like a warm little puppy.
I wished this time could last…
“Me, too” he whispered…

With him it is never cold and dark.
With him I’ve learned to listen through silence.

The feeling of him in my arms serves me all the company and comfort in the world.

I love January.
I love my boy.
And he … loves me.

Isn’t it a perfect Saturday ?

All mistakes are mine and mine alone :-) Sorry, but I'm out of practise ... and I'm working on it!
Have a great weekend,
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