Jan. 17th, 2015 01:49 pm
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If would be the lady ... goodness.. I definitely would cry now... Soooo beautiful.

Hope you'll enjoy!


Jan. 17th, 2015 01:29 pm
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I cleaned my rooms with this song today ... it really made me dance for a very long time (oh yes, I have muscles, I can feel them all!)
Hope you'll enjoy:

See you later!
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This week was so and so - we had the annual sales meeting and it was very exhausting, exciting, too. It's always a pleasure to meet all our agents from all over the world. But now I'm glad it's over and time is running slow again. At least today. It seems Saturday has more than 24 hours and I just like this!
Today is a very stormy day, you can't put one foot outside.So best thing to do, put away the Christmas decoration (after 6 hours all was done!) - listening to some music.
I found this again today, thanks to [ profile] yeuxdebleu, who sent me some nice videos.

So here's the one I found today
Isn't it marvellous? i love the piano guys.

and here's the one from [ profile] yeuxdebleu

Enjoy your day, I'll be back later - I have to catch up with my friends.
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Hello, hello,

isn't it beautiful you have so much time you don't know what to do ?
As if I wouldn't know what I like to do ...

I watched the movie "Paganini: The Devil's Violinist''.
Hmm... the movie wasn't that good but the music, David Garrett's playing on the violine is breathtaking.
And the guy himself doesn't look that "bad", LOL.
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I always loved music, I always will.
There are few songs I can't get enough of them.  Sometimes music plays in the background and in a split second I start listening, caught in the moment by the voice, by the melody, sometimes I even don't understand everything the artist is singing but I can imagine what he or she means.

Last week I've found such a jewel, a singing poet with a great voice.
I only knew his song "Take me to church" and it took me quite a time to understand the sense of it. So I got myself his CD - best choice in months. I translated every song and wow - there's so much heart in the lyrics. If he wouldn't sing, he had to be a poet.

I picked up one song for today - it such a fanfic song *g*.
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