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No snow tonight so there's much time for me and my favourite activity: just doing  n o t h i n g !
Laundy - done!
Flat - cleaned up!
cats - filled up, sleeping!
Hubby - at work!
Julchen - ready for the last day in 2014!

First thing I did this morning:
put on mp3-player, listening to Hozier (can't get enough of this song poet at the moment)
Second thing: switching on my computer. I'm always thrilled seeing and knowing my friends around.
Be sure - I've missed you more than you will ever know.

What to do next ?
I have to look for some new icons. Mine are very old and a little bit covered with dust although I love them all.
Going quickly to the supermarket, forgot the litter (for cats), goodies (for cats and hubby) and cheese (for me).

So I'll be away for about 1 hour and then - I'll be back. I'm looking forward strolling through your journals.
See you later, friends!
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Hello my friends,
I'm so glad to be back here and there's a lot to tell.
This year, what do I say - the last months of 2013 and this year until October wasn't that easy.
To make a long story short - I got ill and it wasn't possible for me to read or to write. After months and months of running to several doctors they found out that my blood shugar was so high that it was and is a miracle I'm still alive.
When they found out what's going on I for myself changed very much. And if you are that close to death you automatically change how you think, you you live, what's important and what's - let's say - not so important.
My family, especially my husband were like a rock. And believe me - I thout of you a lot and this alone made and always makes me happy. That there are people around me, even when they are not reachable at the moment for me - and I love them.
But now since 4 weeks I can read again and I can write again. YAY! I fell absolutely great.
The past 7 months I lot 80 pounds and it is still going on - I love it. I don't feel hungry, I'm just eating low or no carbs: It' pure fun !
Even my cats love the new recipes. Back to the roots, back to myself - that's what I want to say. And now I'm enjoying this great time, it's already cold here, it smells like snow - they say we will get snow next week. So out with the snow shovel and here we go :-)
Today I'm finally writing Christmas cards - Wolfgang and I got wonderful cards last week - and I feel so happy just doing this.
I always said - it's the little things that counts - after all there months I know it is more than true.

Hopefully you're all doing well.
I missed you soooo much - goodness it's good to be back home again.

Love you all,


Jul. 9th, 2011 01:31 pm
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Yesterday seemed to be an ordinary day without anything spectacular happening... until Wolfgang came back home.
He made a proposing. TO ME!!!
And what did I? I said YES!!!
I still can't believe it. The wedding will be on August, 26th.
Wow! I just ordered my HAT! LOL.
Now I'm on my way to my mom.

I'll be back when my brain starts working again, especially the English one, LOL.

Have a fantastic weekend, my friends!

Love you all!
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to all my friends.
We'll get high speed connetion today!!! Hope to be back tonight!!!

Have a wonderful day and a magical weekend, sweethearts!

Love and hugs,

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I'M so sorry I can't be here as I'd like to.
My dad is in hospital again and we still don't know if he'll make it.
On Monday the doctor said he will die, he won't survive all this illness.
His heart is very weak, the lungs and kidneys didn't work anymore, he couldn't breath alone.
But the machineries keep him alive. Yesterday he started breathing again, not very long but it was a start,
the kidneys are working since this morning.
To me my dad was like an old oak, never did I expect he would get down.
But I'm optimistic - he will fight and no matter how long this will last I'll take everyday as a gift.
Even he's placed in an artificial coma I'm sure he listens to us when we are there. If he can't share our daily life at home with us - we bring it to him. Amazingly his pulse and blood pressure were steady the last days.
Even he can't talk I know he can hear us, he can feel that we are there.

So go on, dad! We won't let you go that early.

I admire my mother for her strenght and I'm moved by  her dearly love for my father for about 50 years now.

I'll try to catch up a little now and then but as I said - I'm sorry that I won't be around much the next days or weeks.

have a lovely weekend, my friend. I miss you all.

Oh, before I forget. Reading your wonderful works, posts and writing in my beloved fandoms and knowing you around  keep me strong. Thanks a lot!

And now I'm off to snail hunting. Maybe Mr Gamgee can be of service :-)) 

Love you all,

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Hello my dear friends,

I won't be around the next days. My father had a heartattack on Friday, until this morning we didn't know if he'll make it or not. This afternoon we learned he will survive. Thanks god!
I've to take care of my mother - she can't cope with this.
My colleague at work is still on vacation so it will be a little bit stressful the next week.
At home we have a huge building site in the garden and it has to be finished until next weekend.

It isn't easy at the moment but I'm sure things will be easier in a couple of weeks.

I'll be here whenever I can but I'm sorry that I won't comment that much the next days. 

Thanks a lot for listening, my friends. I'll miss you.

Love and hugs,
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Do you know this? You are listening to a song in a foreign language and even you don't understand a single word you are so moved you can only but cry?
I got a new CD today from my roomie Wolfgang and it's sooo gorgeous.
All songs are in Spanish or Italian, languages I don't understand but it were these incredible voices (3 tenors and 1 baritone) making my heart beating faster...

The CD I'm talking about is called "The Promise" by Il Divo...

Amazing and very powerful. ..

If anyone's interested I would burn it for you, just let me know. It would be a pleasure to do it .

Good night, friends!
Sleep tight!
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I'm feeling so much better today! Thanks to all of you for your lovingly words and well wishes.
I can't tell you how many comfort I've found in all of them.
Never ever in my entire life I was that lazy so today I'll start to clean up my rooms a bit (only a bit) and then it's time for a little reading (you folks have been so busy!) .

Have a wonderful weekend, my dear f-list!
Don't forget to get some rest, have fun, just enjoy life!

Love and hugs,

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Hi friends,
just wanted to let you know I'm still alive :-)
I'm fighting against a massive cold and pneumonia but today I'm feeling slightly better (the fever has gone, the water in the lungs nearly, too!) 
I hope to be back very soon.

Take care, my dears. I miss you all!

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Many many thanks to
[livejournal.com profile] slightlytookish 
[livejournal.com profile] frodosweetstuff 
[livejournal.com profile] poplij 
[livejournal.com profile] mews1945 
[livejournal.com profile] aina_baggins 
[livejournal.com profile] annwyn55 
[livejournal.com profile] igraine1419 
[livejournal.com profile] luthien23 
[livejournal.com profile] addie71 
for the cards .
As usual I'll open my post at Christmas Eve - if curiosity  allows it.

Love you all,
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Hello f-list! Sorry I can't be here that much lately but the more I work the more work is left, LOL.
But next week I have one week off!!! Now I have to hurry, I'm almost to late. Though yesterday I got some time for reading and writing but Lilly didn't agree, LOL. I wish I could be my kittie ... to sleep wouldn't be that bad.

Have a great day! Actually it's so very foggy outside but it isn't cold. I bet it will become a wonderful autumn day.

See you soon!

Lots of love and hugs,

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Maybe it's the rain ... I don't know why but I'm a little bit whiny today.
No time left for me now, because our office got an invitation from our boss, we'll meet him in one hour... 
and I don't want to go... 

Where's Gandalf when I need him... he could do a magic spell that it would be over... 

Don't take me too serious, it must be the rain... and the coldness...

Hope to see to tonight...
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Hello my dear friends, 

how's your weekend running ?
Mine is running very well and very quick ! I can't believe it's Sunday morning here ... 2.02 a.m. I just finished ironing but I had a very good assistant

Enjoy your Saturday night and Sunday! 

See you all tomorrow!
Good night! 

Love and hugs, 


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