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He is a gentle dreamer who lives by the sea
where unicorns with soft and gentle eyes dance about him ... endlessly
Their downy sides ruffle n the wind from across the sea
as they wall him from the world of you and me. 
When I am weary, I go to visit the gentle dreamers garden 
and it is a world of dreams - a lovely scented pardon
from my world of sorrow, pain and muffled sighs
whose bitter wind brings soft tears to tender eyes. 

I'll always be a dreamer lost in misty silence and I'm glad to know you are joining me

Have a lovely and wonderful  day , all you'll ever wish for will be my wishes for you! 

Lots of love, hugs and hobbits
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I don't know why ... but this doesn't seem to be my very best day.
And this is something I don't like ... 

To find a snippet of a poem like t his

As I started sipping my daily lovely coffee 
a race of memories just began in my mind 
of old days, the hard and the easy
and looking at myself now with a tear in my eye 
just to find myself sad and lonely ... 

doesn't help ... 

Only 5 hours and then I'll be home again ... 
I can't hardly wait being at home ...

Miss you all
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These solitary hills have been always dear to me. 
Seated here, this sweet hedge, which blocks the distant horizon
opening inner silences and interminable distances.
I plunge in thought to where my heart, frightened, pulls back. 
Like the wind which I hear tossing the trembling plants which surround me,
a voice from the inner depth of spirit shakes the certitudes of thought.
Eternity breaks through time, 
past and present intermingle in her image. 
In the inner shadows I lose myself, 
drowning in the see-depths of timeless love. 

(Giacomo Leopardi) 

I love this poem sooo much. 

Have a nice weekend my friends!



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