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Hello my friends,
just want to let you know I'm still alive.
I can't believe it's August already - time runs much to fast but hey, I'm feeling good (despite this murderous heat) and - a great success for me - I lost more than 100 pounds in a year. YAY! Only 40 pounds to go and then - if all runs well - I don't need medicine anymore. Bloodsugar is already normal and for this I'm very very grateful!
The last months there was much to do at work and at home but so is summer. Favourite things to me at the moment:
reading, just doing nothing, watering the flowers and listening to a little music.
My favourite songs at the moment are:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00Tfv4tUFfc ; (old but great)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsPq9mzFNGY ; (what a voice)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3AtRBlRQ-I  ; (just love it)

and of course some violines I won't go through the day

this lifts me up after a hectic day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TX_w15_gH0
and this is my lullaby: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0W2kcH74Ws

Have a great weekend, dears!
I try to come back as soon as I can (I hope tonight will be the night :-))

Lots of love and summer hugs,


Sep. 1st, 2012 04:18 am
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I'm still alive. Goodness, why do have day 24 hours only?
It's summer still and all the time off I've to spend in the garden. Now it's September and it's the most important time of the year for gardening. There are so many things I've to do today - first of all a huge flower bed has to be fixed. It will take hours  but I hope I'll get it done today.

So what's new in my little world? Nothing. I'm happy, it's early in the morning (great!), I'm feeling fantastic !
The hedgehog families settled down in our garden, they are tame and not at all shy. The babies are just cute and gaining weight - that's good.
Cats are doing well, rascals they are anyway. They ruined the coffee machine this week, cracked one of the lamps on the nightstand and finally I removed the kitchen curtains (the rest of it).
I've to work for three weeks and then - vacation! The first days off since last Christmas.
It's September... unbelievable. In 4 months we have 2013!!! Time for staring the christmas cards - I think I'll do this tomorrow.
Now it's 4.17 a.m. and time for a little morning walk. A slow walk of course :-))
I'll be back soon hopefully and I miss you soooo much!

Take good care, my friends. I'll try to be here as much as I can but even you don't see me - I'm thinking of you.

Love and biggest hugs for the best friends of the world!
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Did I say just now the flat is clean?
The cats ... emptied

Sweet babies they are and now they are all playing with the cat litter ...
They made it on purpose to keep me busy and fit, LOL.

So come on Julchen, take the broom, bucket, mop - don't make such a fuss!

*mops the cats*
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All the preparations are done!
announcement at the registry office, restaurants, invitations, flowers, car and the wardrobe.
I organized it withing three days, YAY! And now I have to wait and be happy. And I AM VERY HAPPY!

But I have no clue about little give aways for my guests. Hmmm... Any suggestions?

And this is my hat!

I still have to walk on crutches but it becomes better with every day. No pains anymore and that's fantastic! The meniscus rupture is fixed but sooner or later I'll have to get a new knee joint. But this can wait :-)) Hey, I'll walk slowlier and all will be good for the next years. And I got a new bicycle! When I was young (maaaany years ago *g*) I loved bicycling daily ! And now - hmmm... I've become quite a lazy bone but I'll change this when I can put the crutches back to the corner :-)) Hey, this means I could need another hat *snickers* !

How's your day, f-list? It's a wonderful feeling to be back here again!
My mom is on the way to me - she'll do my laundry (Wolfi's mom already did the washing, my mom will iron every single bit - God save the moms!).

All in all I'm happy, excited and bouncy!
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I'm back from the hospital. Surgery was good, I'm slowly feeling better.
Sorry I didn't tell you anything about it, but it all happened to quick. Appointment on Monday, several examinations on Tuesday and Wednesday, surgery on Thursday - returning on Friday.
and now I'm dog-tired and hungry :-)

Have a great weekend, my friends!

Love and hugs,


Jun. 11th, 2011 02:48 pm
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Hello Hello!!!!

Finally I'm back.3 weeks ago I twisted my knee and the doctor found out this week it's a rupture of the right meniscus. Fine. This isn't all. There's an inflammation in the knee as well so we have to get this fixed at first and then up to the surgery.
But it means - YAY - I can't walk properly (so I've to stop delivering the newspapers) and I have to sit (this works quite nicely). So I can be here for the next 5 weeks DAILY!
Sounds great to me. I missed you guys. Totally! But now I'll try to catch up and read my birthday posts (I'm still not done with them).

Few minutes ago I listened to the song "Someone like you" from the wonderful Adele and this song always makes me cry. It's so beautiful and so sad... *sigh* If you don't know it, you can find it at youTube (I wish I'd know how to post the link, sorry - after all these years I'm still a computer greenhorn).

And now I'll take lots of your stories / posts with me to the garden (50 steps down aren't that easy I can tell you)  and I'll come back to you when I'm done :-)
wow. You've been all so busy!

Have a wonderful weekend, sweethearts.
I'll be here later again.

Love and hugs,
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Hello my friends,

I'm so sorry I can't be here as much as I want to.
But I'm still alive, feeling good and I'm very very busy.

Hopefully it will be better in April but I doubt about it.
Miss you all!

Love and hugs,


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