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Hello my dear friends,
I'm still alive and frozen to the bones. it becomes colder and colder. When I started delivering the papers at 3.30 a.m. - temperature: -20°C, when I came home at 6 a.m. it has become warmer - to -17°C. In my flat it feels like heaven!!!
Thanks for all the wonderful Christmas cards and wishes - I'll come back to every single one of you.

My cat Mousy (picture 1) is my oldest cat (she turned 13 years last week), the picture below shows Bibi my youngest one (she's now 6 months old).
Bibi can't stand Mousy and it's a daily fight between them ... until yesterday.
And - oh dear - yesterday they were sleeping together in my bed without hissing and spitting!

Have a wonderful day!

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I'm so sad that there's still so less time for being here. I miss you all very very much.
So what's new?
Wolfgang's Dad is doing worse, the doctor said it could be over in a minute or in a month.
My mom had an accident and hurt her face, broke her nose and for a few days we were afraid she would get blind. But this won't happen. What a relief!
Wolfgang's mom is doing better, although she recovers slowly from the surgery. She's often depressed an it's very hard seeing this wonderful woman so hopeless and sad.
Wolfgang and I are healthy, and - thanks God - he has found a new job! He started with it on Monday and he likes it.
We're still on the paper round - besides the week he has to do the nightshifts - then I'm walking alone and I like it.

To do me something good he surprised me on Friday with a little visit in a animal shelter and before I could say anything -
a little kitten found a new home.

May I introduce you to BIBI (what a name!) - she's such a darling but a rascal as well. Climbing the curtains, jumping in bed (of course when we're sleeping) and singing and purring and talking. Yes, I think it was a good choice. Wolfgang already says - it will be a "Julchen cat" - as soon as I'm at home she's running around like mad, climbing my legs and she loves licking my hair. This morning I looked like a meercat, LOL.

I feel sad that I didn't comment on all your lovingly posts. If you want to defriend me - it's ok, I won't be mad.
Now I've to make some food for cats, bunnies and for Wolfi and then up to bed with me. The night will be over at 3 a.m.

Hope to see you soon, my friends. Don't worry about me, I'm doing well! Things must be done so I do them. No lamets.
I still have our fandoms, I'm glad I saved tons of great fictions, wonderful photos - so whenever I need a smile I know where to go!
Thanks to you all, guys. You're the best friends one could ever wish for!

Lots of love and hugest hugs,



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